Chris Bosh steps up BIG in Game 3

“The Heat only have two great players, and they are not a real Big Three.” These shots where fired at the Miami Heat’s power forward Chris Bosh by Chicago Bulls’ power forward Carlos Boozer before the Eastern Conference Finals began.

Well, Sunday night Chris Bosh proved Boozer wrong in leading the Miami Heat to a game three win. Bosh shot 72 percent from the field and 80 percent from the charity strike, equaling 34 points and adding 5 rebounds as well. Everything seemed to be working for Bosh Sunday night as he caught flame early in the game. James and Wade both said he was hot as they kept running plays and the offense through him. Bosh did not disappoint as he hit his sweet elbow jumper, as well as rolling to the basket off the pick and roll for a ferocious dunk and taking the ball to the basket, not shying away from contact.

Going through criticism virtually all season, being called “soft”, “afraid of the moment”,  or “overrated”, Bosh is proving all his critics wrong with two 30 plus games in this Eastern Conference Finals already. He seems to be doing all he needs to do in order to help his team win, whether it be scoring, rebounding, using his length and athleticism to annoy anyone who comes in the paint, and provide an emotional lift for the Miami Heat.

When asked about Bosh’s big game three, LeBron James said, "You leave a guy like that alone. They say you always got to worry about the quiet guy, always."

Bosh sure wasn’t silent Sunday night as it seemed Chicago had no answer for the “silent assassin.” This is all of course fairly new territory for Bosh, only making the playoffs twice with the Toronto Raptors, both of which they never made it out of the first round. In only his third playoff appearance, coming with the Miami Heat, he is on the Eastern Conference Finals stage, doing big things and not getting lost in the moment.


LeBron James shows his TRUE dominance in Game 3

Getting a compliment from one of the best players ever, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, does not come often, but for LeBron James it is well deserved. Late Sunday night after the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls, Magic Johnson tweeted, “The way @kingjames is starting to control the games, we are seeing why he is the most dominant player in the league and I love it.”

Let me just run James’ stat line by you real quick – 22 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists and 0 turnovers, flirting with a triple double. The stat the really stands out is the 10 assists and 0 turnovers because that really shows James’ dominance and his ability to take over a game in a variety of ways. All game and especially late in on Sunday night, it was James taking the ball up the court or handling the ball in half court situations, dribbling off of pick and rolls, dishing to open players and creating for his teammates. James out-shined and had a much better game than a supposed point guard and MVP in Chicago’s Derrick Rose.

Unlike in Cleveland where James always had to do nearly everything night in and night out to win, here in Miami it looks like he is extremely comfortable in his role. His unselfish nature calls for his game to be spread out and for him to be more of a playmaker, helping his team win in anyway that he can. His gift is impeccable and not many possess it, which is the ability to dominante on the court without even scoring many baskets, reasons why many compare James to Magic Johnson and even Oscar Robertson.

We are all “Witnesses” of his greatness as James likes to call it. Ever since his promise to never fail his team in late game situations following that fourth loss in a row to Chicago in March, James has been nearly perfect in late game situations, especially in the playoffs. Taking over when and where he needs to, spreading his athleticism and versatility all over the court. And like Chris Bosh, silencing some of his critics as well. 

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