NBA Finals

Game 6

Heat v. Mavericks


  • 7:49 PM: I like the move of putting Chalmers into the lineup over Bibby. Bibby has been ineffective, while Chalmers has been playing his best basketball of the year in these playoffs.
  • Lil Wayne and Ochocinco are at the game tonight
  • Great national Anthem from Marc Anthony
  • Wade gets the loudest applause from the crowd after introductions
  • The crowd is in their seats and ready before tipoff. Hear that Bill Simmons?
  • The guy who sits courtside with shorts on and UGG boots cracks me up. I guess if you’re gonna shell out that kinda dough for those seats you can wear what you want.
  • 8:05 still waiting for Van Gundy and crew to get off the court and get this game started


1st Quarter

  • Lebron with the Heat’s first 5 points
  • Great body control by Bosh there to draw a foul on Dirk Nowitzki at the 9:18 mark
  • Chalmers is having a hard time staying in front of JJ Barea
  • Then takes Barea off the dribble for an easy layup
  • Lebron hits his 3rd straight shot
  • Make that 4 as the Mavs take a timeout
  • If Lebron can hit those shots early it will open up lanes for him later in the game.
  • Commercial break #1
  • Wade will not be outdone tonight. He has had two very difficult drives but made them look easy
  • Bosh hits a 2 from the top of the key for a 12-1 run
  • The referees haven’t been calling this series or this game both ways
  • Dirk gets his second foul with 5:11 left in the first and takes a seat.
  • Chalmers just seen going back to the locker room. And Mike Miller takes his place with Jason Terry hitting a J over him
  • Heat call a timeout after back to back baskets for Terry
  • Commercial Break #2
  • Coverage comes back with some Cough-Gate coverage. This is completely overblown.
  • Dallas takes their first lead with a 3 from Brian Cardinal. How is he on a NBA roster?
  • Two Minutes … DOS MINUTOS!
  • Lebron steps in front of Tyson Chandler and takes a big charge giving Dirk and Chandler 2 fouls in the first quarter.
  • Eddie House hits a 3 at the end of the first. Dallas is up 5 32-27.
  • Commercial Break #3
  • Mavs outscored Heat 19-7 to end the quarter. It’s runs like that Miami can’t allow to happen or they are dead in the water.
  • Dallas shot 62% that quarter

2nd Quarter

  • Chalmers makes a return to the game and misses a layup but draws a foul. 1-2 from the line, out of bounds on Dallas
  • Dallas extends its lead to 9
  • Another Dallas 3 extends the lead to 12; do the Heat want to win this game?
  • Commercial break #4
  • JJ Barea looks like a smurf in his blue uniform. Mavs call a timeout
  • Commercial Break #5
  • The Wade double team from Dirk and Chandler leave Bosh open for a 2. Now a 3 point game
  • 11-0 run for the Heat
  • Eddie House came to play tonight hits his 3rd three pointer of the night and then the benches clear
  • DeSean Stevenson shoved Udonis Haslem while he was holding up 3 fingers after the House 3 pointer. What does Stevenson do after every 3 he makes? You’re a punk.
  • How does Shawn Marion function in the NBA with that shot and release?
  • Lebron comes into the game after the heat make a 16-3 run
  • Wade draws a foul on Chandler, his 3rd .  1-2 from the line
  • Heat going with Chalmers House Wade James Haslem
  • Dirk is 1-9 and the Heat are down by 2… not where you need to be
  • Commercial Break #6
  • Dirk misses again 1-10 DOS MINUTOS
  • Dirk 1-11 followed by a scared possession ending in a shot clock violation for the Heat
  • Terry has 19 points so far and is shooting lights out
  • The first half ends with Dirk missing, 1-12 in the half, Dallas up 53-51.


  • Commercial Break # 7
  • Commercial Break #8
  • That was a pretty cool behind the scenes look of the series
  • Commercial Break #9
  • 9 Miami turnovers led to 17 Dallas points. Bosh is 3-4 and needs to get more involved


3rd Quarter

  • Dirk hits his first shot of the half
  • Chalmers knocks down a 3 to bring the Heat within 1
  • James dribble and double team leaves Bosh wide open
  • Commercial break #10
  • Chris Bosh is being underutilized this game. He seems like he’s the only one not afraid to throw up shots.
  • Bosh now 6-7 from the field
  • Heat being out Hustled and out re-bounded
  • Commercial Break #11
  • NBA to release a statement about possible suspensions from bench clearing altercation
  • Lebron drives the lane takes the ball to the rim and….. passes to Juwan Howard?
  • These missed free throws will cost the Heat the game
  • Kidd hits a 3 pointer bringing Dallas to 10-20 from beyond the arc
  • Lebron goes to the line for 2 shots – 1 of 2 from the line
  • Mavs lead by 9 going into the 4th
  • Lebron is -19 point differential when on the court, Brian Cardinal is +16
  • Heat 15-26 from the line
  • Commercial Break #12


4th quarter

  • Make that 16-27 as Haslem goes 1-2
  • Wade big drive and foul on Dirk And 1 wade misses the free throw
  • Chalmers drives and Chandler picks up his 5th foul
  • NBA say they need to review the particulars and the tape of the incident.
  • Chalmers hits both … a rarity for the Heat tonight
  • Foul changed to Dirk, Dirk and Chandler both with 4 fouls.
  • Wade needs to take over this game
  • Or turnover the ball  Terry 1-2 from the line
  • Commercial Break #13
  • Terry 10-13 from the field as Wade dribbles the ball off of his foot
  • Commercial Break #14
  • Wade misses another shot
  • This Heat team looks disinterested
  • Heat are down 10 and have missed 13 free throws
  • Bosh hits a free-throw moving to 19 points 7 rebounds Heat down 7
  • Chalmers dribbles past a wide open Wade and turns the ball over
  • Wow the way the ball is bouncing to the Mavs is unbelievable.
  • Commercial Break #15
  • Down 10 points with 2:26 left, the Heat will need a miracle and the way they are playing, they haven’t shown enough heart to win this game.
  • House misses a 3 pointer
  • Lebron strips Dirk but is long on his 3 point attempt
  • Miami down 9 points with 58.9 left
  • The Heat looked miserable tonight.
  • The final buzzer sounds and Dirk runs down the tunnel

These were my notes during the game, I thought it would be interesting to show you how I watch the game and what is going on in my head during the game. Miami has all the talent in the world, but the only player who played with intensity and heart tonight was Chris Bosh. Bosh was seen in the 4th quarter reaming his teammates in a huddle.  There is absolutely no excuse for shooting 60% from the free throw line in a game 6 elimination game. The Heat had 17 turnovers, and were out hustled, and clearly didn’t want to win this game as much as Dallas did. Jeff Van Gundy said during these playoffs, “The more desperate team wins in the playoffs.” You would think that with your back against the wall, in a win or go home scenario, the Heat team would come out hungry in game 6. That was not the case.

 The Heat played like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, looking for a heart. Running aimlessly around the court waiting for someone else to take a shot, this Miami Heat team needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. They were built to win championships, not get embarrassed in them. This team has a lot of soul searching to do and they need to find their desire and some heart. In a game that you had to have they played lethargic.

With the NBA being in a worse position than the NFL as far as CBA negotiations go, next season is not a certainty. Hopefully the players and owners will be able to negotiate and avoid a lockout. With so many questions about the NBA’s future the most intriguing may be, how big will Mark Cuban make these championship rings.