Throughout this fascinating postseason, we have witnessed LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hit countless big shots for the Miami Heat in clutch moments. Moments where a missed shot could have meant a change in the game's momentum, moments where if Wade or James don't hit those shots, the outcome of the games could have very well been different. 

After serious and valid questions surrounding James all year long regarding his ability to close games, the star forward has seemingly put all doubts to rest as he has repeatedly stepped up and come through for Miami when they've needed him most. He did it in the TD Garden right in front of the Boston Celtics' bench, he's done it on Miami's home floor several times and he did it on Michael Jordan's old stomping grounds - the United Center in Chicago.

In fact, James is shooting a career-high 40 percent from three point land during these playoffs compared to 33 percent this past regular season. He connected with all but one of his five attempts from beyond the arc on Tuesday night in game one of the NBA Finals.

Wade was also feeling confident from three on Tuesday, sinking two of his four attempts and re-hashing the vivid nightmares of 2006 in all Dallas Mavericks fans' minds.

However, as impressive as the Heat's dynamic duo has been, there are still many lining up to slight their accomplishments in any possible way by coming up with countless excuses to explain their performances. The most common current excuse? James and Wade are playing "hero" ball and it's only a matter of time before their luck runs out.

Their three pointers have been more a result of their luck, not a product of their greatness and skill. Those tough shots, even though they seem to be finding the bottom of the net a majority of the time, are still ill-advised and it's only a matter of time before they start not falling.

I couldn't disagree more.

Ok, sure, they may be playing hero ball. However, I don't buy that two of the best players in the game today are constantly "lucky". They take tough shots and make them when their team is on life-support or when they need it most, isn't that what great players do?

Aren't players like James and Wade considered "great" rather than just "good" because they have the ability to take over games and make those tough shots? Was anyone calling Michael Jordan lucky when he was hitting big shots to lead the Chicago Bulls to six titles? How about Kobe Bryant? Does anyone say his shots are more a result of he being lucky rather than just great?

It's ridiculous to say that James and Wade have been lucky this postseason. They are simply doing what great players are supposed to do - take and make the shots that most wouldn't and couldn't. 

Great players do great things, it's as simple as that.

Basketball is a game of big shots, especially at the biggest stage - the Finals. The team who makes more big shots usually comes out on top and fortunately for the Miami Heat, they have two of the greatest when it comes to making tough shots at the biggest moments.

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